Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Photographic experimentation 29/06/09

The above experimentation's are a result of having too many photographs of my degree show, so i decided to play with them. Experiment with perspective, illusion, form and line and also with the re-representation. Representation? What is it that I am representing. Can a photograph only ever just represent or can it be seen as a material that we handle/manipulate with our hands and eyes. i don't mean the camera, I mean the given out-put, the photograph. But then I suppose the camera can not be separated from the produced image, it is part of it's materiality. Can a photograph have a materiality? What i also like in these images is the line that travels through, the extension. The line that plays around with what is real and what isn't in the images. The line that draws and disturbs, but represent?

Friday, 5 June 2009

Drawing/sculpture/Installation as research

The works above are a selection of images from my final degree show. The works explore notions of space, perception, representation, re-representation, drawing, sculpture and installation. I plan to use this work whilst it is currently still installed as a starting point to generate new works. I intend to go in every day for the next week and draw from the exhibition, using various materials. This then keeps this idea of drawing and sculpture on the same level; construction, deconstruction, reconstruction.

A way to generate...

Draw from new work
Draw from installation
Begin [again]
To transform what is already there.
Drawing tools
And start again...

Monday, 1 June 2009

Review of the Photographers Object, Photographers Gallery London

Note to self

When in boiling hot sun shine always be prepared to know where art galleries are and not just presume that when the leaflet says, Oxford Circus tube station that it will not be right outside the station... or across the road or glued to the side of it...

Project Space Leeds Volunteering

Wednesday 27th of May I started doing some volunteering at PSL.

Just some thoughts/ideas that I got from Wednesday...

Artist run spaces. What do they add to a community/society?
Being able to talk freely to the artist(s) chat, see work in process, how does this change how art is perceived by the public?
Project Space Leeds are studios were the experimenting, making, logging, archiving, exhibiting of works happens but also a majority of the artist groups that are there tend also to take their work outside of the studio, in the form of events, research trips, design and publications. This raises ideas based around my own practise of studio based knowledge and how that can then be taken and used elsewhere. What was also evident was that the groups that use the space to make, experiment and exhibit their outcomes, change the 'exhibiting' part quite frequently. Exhibiting what they've made, using the space to experiment with positioning and how works can be viewed never stays static for more then a few days. I like this idea of carrying on with what has been made, never stopping, always altering, changing, then place...then new ideas arrive and what is exhibited goes through this state of transformation, constant thinking, then shown again and the process goes on. For me it is a constant.
I was really annoyed with myself when I got their because I didn't take one of my own postcards along. People chatted to me, asked me what kind of work I made and it would have been nice to give them an image of my work, for it finally to be out their and to be seen, for it to contribute towards some kind of knowledge. Never mind on my next day there I will remember to take my postcards along and in the mean time make new ones...

Degree Show Finale

The week of viewing has finished and I just wanted to write some thoughts about it.

Why 4o'clock closing, we could have had one late night until 8/9 o'clock and had free York St John wine! Yeay!!

Only a week?

When I first put my exhibition up it felt like it was uncomfortably sat at the edge of a sofa...

But after going in everyday and seeing it, getting used to it and seeing it in a different way each day, documenting it and writing some notes it now feels it's sat back comfortably. So comfortable it doesn't want to move...

Even though I feel it sits comfortably were it is I also feel that there is so much more that can be done with it. If I had a bigger space, smaller space, a different space what could it look like? I know a different space wouldn't hold this exhibition in the same way that Studio one has but a new space would have new characteristics that I could play with and manipulate.
Whilst viewing my exhibition thoughts of floor came into my head. Ripping up floor boards, half tearing them, bending them, use them as a sculptural material. That's if they were wooden floor boards. Looking at my exhibition I also feel that I could have done so much more with the fine black elastic that I used. But too much would have turned it into silly maze. Maybe...
And for now those hooks. The hooks in the ceiling. How I love those hooks.