Sunday, 4 April 2010

Notes on/from - 'DOT.LABEL.THREAD.DOT' Rogue Artist Studios, Manchester. 01.04.10

First. [Studio] I changed the name of the piece. 'encounter' felt a bit too broad, general, encompassing any[every]thing. 'DOT.LABEL.THREAD.DOT' feels much more specific, material and doing. It came from the 'doing' in my studio. It came from the re-action of the same. Thread, sticky-dot, thread, pull, tight, sticky-dot.


I tried to make it much more complex then it needed to be. Should be simple? Just 'perform' the main elements, form/action/[line]. Three simple actions, then it became two. The placing of envelopes and cellophane rectangles as action? Why not [dot].

Reliance of one material on another and what it gives back. Sound. Thread on plastic.

Second. [Rogue Project Space] Performed. ?  Changed to eleven small actions. Thread. Align. Place. Stick. Pull. Place. Stick [x7] Trace lines with feet, walk next to line. Existing floor lines, wall lines, material lines. My lines. Sit. Wrap cardboard with thread [forgot plastic] [x1]. Place envelopes on thread lines, place cardboard, place cellophane rectangles [x3]. Re-trace lines. Walk away.

Third. [In my head]  Why am I including my body? Do I want people to see my body in relation to other materials. Is my body necessary to what it is that I am exploring?

To explore new territories within my practice is knowledge building. To be completely shifted out of my comfort zone was adrenaline pumping. To be so absorbed in what I was doing was has changed me. To not think of anything else and to drown within action/process was exhilarating. But to what extent and why does my body need to be seen?

The bodies movement and inclusion within material function and outcome is important to my practice, the reciprocal nature of material, what it does and how when certain forces from other material are added, even the addition of the body. Is it the outcome or the process that I want to be seen? The outcome, suggests a final. No, I can show process without the 'live' viewing of the body in 'action'. Materials in action can be viewed when static. The force, tension, materiality of a specific object, the performative element of materials can be explored without the direct inclusion of the body to be seen. ?? Or can it?

My body needs to be seen and thought of as a material. A material that re-acts and performs to [other] material. That reciprocates, struggles and functions in relation to....

"Practice has a logic which is not that of a logician. This has to be acknowledged in order to avoid asking of it more logic than it can give, thereby condemning oneself either to wring incoherence out of it or to thrust a forced coherence upon it." [Bourdieu, 1990:80]