Saturday, 24 October 2009

Great Economy...

They started because I wanted to give something away.

I enjoy nothing more than going to an exhibition, event or a performance and there is something there to take away. I am not talking about an exhibition leaflet or an events programme here but something that is ‘from’ the work or an ‘addition’ to the work. Something that can be taken away and that provokes feeling. Memory. What was felt upon actual viewing.

So I decided to make small collages on post card size paper/card. Combining of imagery. Photographs of photographs, photographs of drawings, of collages. Graphite line, ink line, line line. Old imagery of older works, now new works, latest works because are only works. Relevant. Now.

When visiting any type of exhibition, even contemporary events I feel that the concept of ‘giving something away’ is still quite rare. I can not remember the last exhibition I went to were I got to take something away, which I would keep. Archive.

Now. They became new images. I was selective. I chose imagery that was relevant to what I would be doing at Space 109. Imagery that was about exploring space, process, placement, line. To remind them, to treat as something that’s more than disposable, an artwork. They became artworks in their own right. Another part of the exhibition and another form of the work.

Something that borders on having been able to take away an original piece of art and dare I say… not for a single penny! I feel that in the current state of things, Art should be more giving. Events and exhibitions should be giving ‘art’ away, so it transports itself, becomes detached from the ‘exhibition’ and be autonomous. It circulates and becomes easily transportable.

I had no materials, well… not much. A6 paper was within my budget, printing black and white and the odd colour wasn’t much and the materials that I already had. The leftovers, surplus, old works, destroyed.

Great Economy.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

DIY Presents... Saturday 26th September 2009- A reflection.

Featuring; Lisa Gorton
Jade Blood

An afternoon of experimentation, playing, process, responding, mixing and on the spot thinking.

Materials: Electrical tape, elements of sound, found objects, walls of Space 109, typewriter, biro, graph paper, old film tape, tin containers, tulip lights, fairy lights, plastic piping, wires, laptop, speakers, glass jars, rugs, banner, bodies, Happycat, ginger-bread men and green tea [with a hint of jasmine].

Outcomes: Installation, new sound/music, collages, working process on view, new drawings/sculptures, a new path for constructing - re constructing - deconstructing line, material and form.

I enjoyed the spontaneity of it all. The not really knowing before hand, not prepared, only small formal experiments in my own studio before hand. Responding to the interior of Space 109 but also to other bodies and works. The placement of my materials was not only dependant on the architecture of the space but on the position of other bodies and their placement of materials. Their work dictating mine and vice versa.